SPT’s Unique integrated Building System

Our unique SPT Econex has been specially designed and tested to allow a building to be easily assembled on site from pre-manufactured panels and components. SPT MgO SIP panels and SPT Econex system combine to create a fully integrated build system, which can be very quickly erected to create a highly airtight building envelope, with minimal thermal bridging and exceptional thermal performance.

The Econex system is precision manufactured in our factory to ISO9001:2008 standards and are supplied in either standard lengths or pre-cut to specific order with every component is numbered for ease of assembly on site.

See the images from left for details:

Wall Panel Connection
Rim Board Assembly
Corners – pre-manufactured
Wall head Assembly
Roof Panel Connection
Window and Door Installation Assembly
King Post Assembly
Structural Corner Assembly

Airtightness Built in

SPT Econex components have been carefully designed and developed to provide a quick and easy to install method of joining panels, while simultaneously addressing air leakage and heat from the building envelope.

Importantly, SPT Econex significantly reduces the need for expensive, site applied tapes and gaskets, normally associated with this task.


Limited Thermal Bridging

SPT Econex System provides a continuous polyurethane (PUR) core through the walls and roof of the building.

This greatly improves the thermal efficiency of the buildings compared to timber frame and cavity insulation which are prone to slumping and mortar drops during the construction process.

Each component has been carefully designed and thermally engineered to ensure minimum heat loss through the building fabric, through thermal bridging. This results in significant improvements in overall thermal performance of the building without having to install additional expensive membranes and gaskets.

Stronger buildings

The SPT build system offers a level of earthquake resistance that is unsurpassed by any other SIP panel system.

The SPT system far exceeds all international earthquake standards and, in fact, passed the maximum earthquake the European testing facility could generate, which was an 11.0 on the Mercalli scale (equivalent to Richter 9.4) with no damage to the panels or joints holding them together.

Thermal Imaging

Faster Build Times

A recent Time & Motion study conducted by Reed Construction Data RSMeans Business Solutions showed that utilising our MgO SIPS panel system and our unique SPT Econex connection system reduced installation time by 130 labour hours. When compared to RSMeans labour hours for a conventionally framed home, this labour requirement is equivalent to time savings of approximately 55 percent.

The house used for the study was a two-story, three-bedroom, 109-square-meters, cape-style home with three dormers on a 45°-pitch roof. RSMeans cost data was used to benchmark the time and cost for erecting conventionally-framed stud walls, roofs and dormers using exterior timber cladding and standard matt insualtion.

Component Sytem Benefits

Fully integrated SIP panel and connections

Maximum airtightness

Prefabricated connection components

Reduction in on-site work time

Precise manufacture for perfect on-site fit

Less on-site waste

Minimal thermal bridging